Fresh Foods Menu

Tandoor Grilled Delicacies and Snacks

Naan-wichesSheesh Kebob (Beef), Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Paneer Tikka, Lamb Mishkaki, Curry. Toppings include onions, tomato, cilantro & yogurt Raita. Served with spicy cabbage salad.$13.95
Grilled PlatterThree types of skewers (Beef, Lamb, Veg, or Chicken), served with Raita, half naan and spicy cabbage or rice.$16.75


Plain NaanAdd on to a hot meal for $1.85 or half naan for $1.00$2/ea or $3.75/bag of 2
Garlic NaanAdd on to a hot meal for $2.25 or half naan for $1.50$2.50/ea or $4.75/bag of 2

Snacks (Hot, Cold, or Frozen)

SamosasVeg or Beef$15.00 / 6 or $2.75/ea
PakorasVegetable$21.00/25 pieces.

Whole Tandoori Chickens (Take-Home Only)

Whole Tandoori ChickensTake home dinner for your family of four with a free range tandoori chicken, cooked to perfection in our tandoori (clay) oven. It is accompanied with cucumber-yogurt Raita. Up to one day notice required.$7.00/lb

Fresh Menu

Butter ChickenShef's famous butter chicken has succulent free run tandoori chicken, in a velvety tomato-cream sauce, flavoured with plenty of fenugreek.Sm: $11.95, Lg: $15.25
Lamb KormaA mild coconut based curry with tender chunks of boneless lamb, mushrooms and ground almonds. Your taste buds will love this exotic mix of spices.Sm: $12.25, Lg: $16.25
Aloo GobhiA zesty, vegan tomato based curry loaded with cauliflower and potatoes.Sm: $10.25, Lg: $13.25
Pineapple Prawn CurryA spicy coconut based red curry with tiger prawns, bell peppers, broccoli and chunks of fresh pineapple. Absolutely delicious, with loads of spices to discover!Sm: $11.75, Lg: $13.95
Chiang Mai Noodle CurryA mild coconut based curry with tender boneless chicken thighs, flavoured with turmeric and galangal, and served on rice noodles.Sm: $11.75, Lg: $13.95
Pad ThaiThis classic Thai stir-fried noodle dish has a harmonious blend of rice noodles, shrimp or chicken, tofu, peanuts, eggs, and fresh vegetables in a flavourful tamarind based sauce.Sm: $11.95, Lg: $14.25
Thai Chicken Salad (Larb Gai)Crisp market greens tossed in a zesty chili-lime and mint vinaigrette. Then it is topped off with warm minced chicken, cilantro and mint leaves. Best Salad EVER!Side: $9.25, Main: $12.95
Tom Kha GaiA spicy coconut-based soup with chunks of tender chicken and straw mushrooms, flavoured with Kaffir Lime, lemongrass and Galangal.$9.25


1 Meat and 1 VegChoose between our delicious fresh menu items to create a delicious meal.Sm: $11.75, Lg: $14.75
2 Meats Sm: $11.75, Lg: $15.75
3 Curries Lg: $16.25
4 Curries Lg: $16.75
5 Curries Lg: $17.25
Add a Plain Naan: $1.85 – Add a Garlic Noon: $2.25
Add 1/2 Plain Naan: $1.00 – Add 1/2 Garlic Naan: $1.50