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At Shef’s Fiery Kitchen, they take great pride in their food, and strive to provide you products made with high quality ingredients, with great value and convenience. They use locally sourced natural, antibiotic and hormone free beef and chicken. All their curries are gluten free, and they carry many dairy free items, sensitive to customer’s dietary restrictions. The most important ingredient in Shef’s Fiery Kitchen—the love and passion for cooking that was formed in those early years in the family kitchen, a tradition that lives on with every bite!


Shef’s Fresh Menu, which changes every 3 weeks, can be eaten at the market or taken to go.  Aside from that, Shef’s Fiery Kitchen has a large array of Frozen Foods, which you can keep in your freezer to heat and serve any night of the week.  Now Indian and Thai food can be delicious, healthy and convenient!  And Shef’s has partnered up with Calgary Co op, so you can get some of their frozen products 7 days a week in the Co op freezer aisle or deli freezers.