Special Cooking Techniques


At Shef’s Fiery Kitchen, they take their time preparing each dish with love.  They roast and grind their own spice mixtures to make their curries and marinades, and bring you an exquisitely authentic tasting experience.  Their rotating menu also allows you to taste a wide variety of dishes, often not found in other Indian restaurants in town.

Shef’s also has a Tandoor (Clay) Oven at the Calgary Farmers’ Market.  The Tandoor Chef makes delicious fluffy Naan (Indian flat bread) and grilled meats like Tandoori Chicken, Sheesh Kebab, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Mishkaki, and Satay Vegetables, fresh from the Tandoor oven.  As a special treat, they have the Tandoor oven right in the front of their stall so you can watch the Tandoor master at work!