CateringThese prices are based on a minimum of 10 people and 3 dishes:

Chicken Curries:  $7.50 per person

-Butter Chicken
-Traditional Chicken Curry
-Thai Green Curry with Chicken and Potatoes
-Thai Yellow Curry with Chicken and Cashews

Prawn Curries: $7.50 per person

-Butter Prawns
-Coconut Prawn Curry
-Prawn Vindaloo
-Karahi Prawns

Beef Curries:  $8.50 per person

-Kheema Curry
-Balti Beef
-Beef Vindaloo
-Mussaman Curry

Lamb/Goat Curries:  $9.00 per person

-Karahi Goat
-Jamaican Goat Curry
-Lamb and Lentil Curry
-Lamb Vindaloo
-Lamb Korma

Vegetable Curries:  $6 per person

-Spinach Peanut Coconut Curry
-Thai Yellow Veggie Curry
-Butter Paneer
-Muttar Paneer
-Palakh Paneer


Whole Tandoori Chicken with Yogurt Raita:  $27 each
Chili Lime Peanut Prawns: $16 per dozen
Sheesh Kebob: $4.75 per piece


Mini Vegetable Samosas:  $1 per person
Vegetable Samosas:  $2.50 per person
Beef Samosas:  $2.50 per person
Pakoras:  $0.75 per piece


Plain Naan:  ½ naan – $1 per piece; full naan – $2 per piece
Garlic Naan: ½ naan – $1.25 per piece; full naan – $2.50 per piece


Steamed Basmati Rice:  $ 1.00 per person
Saffron Basmati Rice:  $ 1.75 per person

Delivery, set up, rentals, staffing and serving are not included in these prices and will be determined according to your needs.

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