CurryOnce you pick a date and your menu, Shef will figure out what extra equipment we many need for the party.  We will bring all the ingredients, and most kitchens are equipped with the rest. The party usually takes about 3 hours so most people prefer to start in the late afternoon.

While you and your guests prepare and cook the meals under our supervision, we will tell you about the dishes and the herbs and spices used in Indian and Thai cuisine. We will also discuss the steps that go into making a curry and why certain methods are used for cooking certain dishes. My recipes are only a guideline. You must make them your own by adding the amounts of herbs and spices that suit your own tastes.


8 or more people – $80/person

6-7 people – $90/person

4-5 people – $100/person

Less than 4 people – $400 minimum

If you are interested in an Indian theme party, we can arrange to have classical Indian dancers, Indian musicians and/or henna artist come to the party as well. There is a lot of organization that goes into the theme parties so they must be booked at least a month in advance.