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Menu items with * contain dairy.


*Butter ChickenBoneless chicken in a mild aromatic curry850ml/$20.95, 600ml/$13.95
*Kuku PakaA creamy rich African Indian dish with chicken, yogurt and coconut milk$13.95
Swimming RamaA Thai red curry with chicken, spinach and ground roasted peanuts$13.95
Chicken CurryA traditional tomato based curry with chicken thighs and red potatoes$13.95
Chicken VindalooA spicy Goan curry with chicken thighs and potatoes$13.95
Jeera ChickenSucculent pieces of chicken in a spinach-cilantro based curry, flavoured with cumin and pepper$13.95
Thai Green Chicken CurryA spicy coconut based green curry with chicken and potatoes$13.95
Thai Yellow Chicken Curry w/ CashewsA mild coconut based curry with chicken, red peppers and cashews$13.95
*Butter Chicken NaanzzaA fluffy naan topped with tandoori spiced chicken, Butter Chicken Sauce, onion, cilantro and mozzarella cheese$8.95



Coconut Prawn CurryA mild coconut based curry flavoured with curry leaves and mustard seeds$13.95
Pineapple Prawns CurryA coconut based Thai red curry with pineapples and prawns$13.95
Prawn VindalooA spicy Goan curry with succulent prawns and potatoes$13.95


Lamb and Goat

Kashmiri LambA spicy tomato based curry with tender chunks of lamb and potatoes$14.95
*Lamb KormaA mild coconut based curry with tender morsels of lamb, mushrooms and ground almonds$14.95
Masala GoatThis is a description for Masala Goat$14.95



Mussaman CurryA mild Southern Thai curry with beef, yams and ground roasted peanuts$14.95
NihariA spicy Pakistani curry with slow cooked beef shank. A delicacy amongst kings!$14.95
Kheema CurryA spicy tomato based curry with ground beef and potatoes$14.95
*Balti BeefThis is a description of *Balti Beef$14.95
Curry KhawsayThis is a description of Curry Khawsay$14.95



*Butter PaneerThis is a description of Butter Paneer$11.95
*Palakh PaneerThis is a description of Palakh Paneer$10.95
*Muttar PaneerThis is a description of Muttar Paneer$10.95
*Aloo GobhiThis is a description of Aloo Gobhi$10.95
Lasuni DaalThis is a description of Lasuni Daal$10.95
Spinach Peanut Coconut CurryThis is a description of Spinach Peanut Coconut Curry$10.95
Thai Yellow Veggie CurryThis is a description of Thai Yellow Veggie Curry$10.95
RiceThis is a description of Rice$2.00


500 ml Frozen Soups

Tom Kha GaiThis is a description of Tom Kha Gai$6.25


Frozen Marinated Meats

Chili-Lime-Peanut PrawnsThis is a description of Chili-Lime-Peanut Prawns$8 / 6 Jumbo Prawns

Tandoori Chicken (Breasts or Whole Chicken)This is a description of Tandoori Chicken (Breasts or Whole Chicken)$6/lb

Tandoori Chicken Platter
Beef Short RibsThis is a description of Beef Short Ribs$9/lb

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